Monday, July 18, 2011

Fourth of July Cupcakes!

So, my "about me" section (to the right) says I'll share the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm still trying to determine where this next cupcake creation fits. I tried making red velvet, which I've tasted only once and never cooked before. It tasted great, looked... eh... not red. (see below). These were baked for a family get together on the Fourth of July.

I guess I should preface all of this with some big news. I had a pacemaker put in on June 30th (the "bedrest" in "Cupcakes on Bedrest"), and baked cupcakes on July 3rd. Am I crazy? Probably. My left arm was strapped to my side so my boyfriend's mother helped with much of the grunt work. I used a random recipe with good ratings off the internet, and will look for another one or use my friend's recommendation the next time I attempt red velvet. As you'll see in the not-so-professional, last minute photographs, the cupcakes are brown. Did I use too much cocoa powder? too little food coloring? I simply don't know. The bottom line: the cupcakes tasted good, looked patriotic, and would've passed as german chocolate if I didn't tell anyone otherwise!

I topped them with the traditional cream cheese frosting, some sprinkles, and homemade (from the package) sugar cookies (which were decorated with one hand, an interesting experience).


  1. Oh yay, i finally figured out how to leave a comment, i so wanted to say hello! I also have dysautonomia, and a big fat case of Fibromyalgia. I am just starting to bake and i've been studying (books mainly, i'd faint in the batter too often if i tried to actually take a class :))baking for kids who have special food needs. I was pretty much on bed rest for 20 years, so when i think about it i can get a bit nervous - so i'm trying to not think about it :) I think cupcakes should be for everyone, and i'm determined to make 'em for dairy-free etc kids. It's fun to find you!! I'll try to catch up on your baking and health stuff too :)

  2. Just found your blog. Awesome projects you post.
    Hope you update your blog soon and that you are doing better.

  3. Love your cupcakes and the fact you found a creative outlet for dealing with Dysautonomia, as I too am treated by Mayo for the same. I am also a friend of Amy Lynn above and thank her for plugging me onto your adorable site.I hope you will stop by and visit my blog as well. It is always good to make connections among the 'dys' family and realize we do not walk this difficult path alone. ~ Becky

  4. Becky! I'm so glad you came by and commented, yay! I finally went into my Google + account and found my way back here :) Hope everyone is doing well!